Use Logic To Destroy False Information (On The Internet)

Austin Howard Tech
7 min readJun 24, 2020

The spread of false information on the internet has now become an immediate danger to those who don’t know how to spot it. Now, more than ever, equipping yourself with the tools of logic and reasoning will save you from being manipulated and will allow you to be a free thinker.

The first thing you’ll want to bookmark, or download is one of the most comprehensive and succinct handbooks for quickly learning about arguments and fallacies — the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Fallacies.

All forms of conflict are almost always settled in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Physical conflict where one party takes the other by force
  2. Argument, discussion, debate, and negotiations for power and everyone remains physically unharmed

Ideally we always want to remain civil, so we must settle conflict via the 2nd method. But, in order for there to be any sort of meaningful debate, all parties must be able to fundamentally agree on what is logically or rationally true, or not true.

It is precisely here — on the most fundamental level — where something is holding us back from having a rational conversation so unfortunately, physical conflict has already begun unfolding.

Why Is That Something Holding Us Back From Having Rational Conversations?

The United States has remained mostly internally peaceful since the American Civil War in 1861. The American people have for the most part been able to keep civilization in tact and avoid any large scale bloodshed.

Bret Weinstein — American Biologist and Evolutionary Theorist who was involved in an altercation with protesters at Evergreen College after he submitted a letter to faculty expressing his concerns about a change in one of the college’s traditions in which he felt that the change would establish a dangerous precedent that he thought was oppressive in and of itself.

I don’t want to argue for or against his claim, but he points out that this was the moment that he could see a whiff of a dangerous compromise of free speech on college campuses. Not only that, but compounded with aggressive intolerance and a refusal to participate in any sort…

Austin Howard Tech