I graduated from college with a BS in computer science about 8 months ago and I’ve currently been in my first software engineering job for about 5 months. Still to this day, I feel as though pretty much everything that I learned during my degree is available for free online.

While I was lucky for being able to pay for part of my living and college expenses through athletics and also attend an in-state institution which further lowered my student debt, I’m still of the opinion that the return on investment still isn’t up to par. …

Elon Musk has been working on a brain-machine interface called Neuralink. Brain-machine interfaces could be the promising step forward that humans need to help correct neurological disorders and to ultimately — complete symbiosis with A.I.

Implementation of Neuralink would essentially be both a hardware and software update of our ‘biological’ computers.

The hardware update comes in the form of a neural processor (Neuralink ASIC) and extremely thin polymer threads to collect data about neural activity. The software update will give us powerful machine learning algorithms and a much better information system.

Neuralink — What You Need To Know

Neuralink — Upgrading The Brain

Neuralink would…

The social media app Parler has recently exploded as Twitter users have begun migrating to the platform.

Recently Twitter has been harshly criticized for: banning users’ accounts under their somewhat vague policies on suspending accounts, censoring Tweets from (most notably) president Donald Trump and other high profile conservative individuals, and attempting to add a fact checking feature which to many people feels like a serious infringement on free speech.

Twitter has become the premiere platform for public discourse — they’ve monopolized the flow of information and the rules of engagement in conversation.

According to data by Statista: at the beginning…

The spread of false information on the internet has now become an immediate danger to those who don’t know how to spot it. Now, more than ever, equipping yourself with the tools of logic and reasoning will save you from being manipulated and will allow you to be a free thinker.

The first thing you’ll want to bookmark, or download is one of the most comprehensive and succinct handbooks for quickly learning about arguments and fallacies — the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Fallacies.

Advances in computing technologies over the past few decades have pioneered the evolution of the human to cyborg.

Computers are gateways to a new market where attention is traded as currency.

In this market, money follows attention an in turn, attention drives business. Social media platforms, streaming platforms, websites, and applications race to capture attention and in turn, attention drives business. Social media platforms, streaming platforms, websites, and application race to capture attention by strategically exploiting a new necessity for connectivity. Those who master and commoditize new technologies win in the market.

Humans Are Already Cyborgs

While we aren’t yet physically attached to them…

Get user input and put it into Firestore

Here is an example of a React Hook Form that I’ve built in an application, as well as some details about how the form works.

It’s hard to find more advanced examples of React Hook Forms so I added several moving parts to this form, including using Firestore and additional form packages.

I want to preface the code for this form by encouraging you to take this code and make it better! There are a ton of ways to make React Hook Forms more complex and useful.

Here is what the form…

/ Tech / By Austin Howard/ April 20, 2020

People everywhere around the world are struggling through a new kind of isolation during quarantine.

Much human-human interaction has become completely virtual and that could be a new normal that we start to accept. Funny thing is though, we’ve been heading this direction ever since the printing press, the telephone, and personal PC’s were invented.

Once things began being printed, we no longer needed to seek out experts for knowledge, we could just read their texts.

Smartphones now allow us to communicate with people across the world, run businesses, create and…

Creating a blog post from scratch can feel like a monumental task at first. But with guidance and practice you’ll be cranking out amazing posts easily!

It’s not just writing a blog post.

Try thinking about it as creating or constructing a blog post.

Creating blog posts is an art.

It involves creative and technical writing, graphic design, knowing how to use empty space, link building, knowing how to use formatting and layout elements, understanding SEO, and also making it sharable by providing value to visitors, amongst other things.

If you’re a beginner you don’t have to be good at…

Before you start building a website, you need to choose a name and a domain.

Choosing the right name and domain for your website is incredibly important. They are the first two things that people notice about your website and as you know, first impressions are important!

It may take you a while to make a decision, and this is often a step that people get hung up on. Read some of these recommendations and go with your gut instinct. The domain has to be available for you to use so keep that in mind!

Recommendations For Deciding on a Name and Domain

I recommend choosing a name

The 2019 MacBook Pro (13-inch display model) is sleek, powerful, and provides plenty of options for upgrades. Whether you want the base model, or the best model with the most upgrades, you’re going to get an incredibly performant laptop.

Apple’s line of 2019 MacBook Pro’s come in two models, one with a 13-inch display, and one with a 16-inch display. This guide is specifically for the 13-inch display model.

Why choose the 13-inch model vs. the 16-inch model?

The smaller display makes the 13-inch model feel a little more lightweight, compact, and portable than the 16-inch model. …

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